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What to Know about Used vs. Pre-Owned Massage Chairs

What to Know about Used vs. Pre-Owned Massage Chairs

Discover the difference between used and certified pre-owned massage chairs.

You would assume that used and pre-owned means the same thing, right? Not necessarily! There is an important difference between a certified pre-owned massage chair and a used one — knowing it will allow you to make smarter, money-saving decisions when purchasing a massage chair.

What does certified pre-owned mean?

Fundamentally, “used” will always mean that someone has sat in the massage chair and received a massage from it. Pre-owned simply means that the chair was purchased — but that doesn’t mean it was ever used. Some chairs are purchased and returned without ever having been operated or even sat on.

Certified pre-owned is our process of verifying that a massage chair was pre-owned and is in excellent condition. Whenever a massage chair is returned to us, our factory-certified technicians will perform a 37-point inspection.

After passing inspection, the massage chair will be repaired if needed, then cleaned and repackaged. It is now a certified pre-owned massage chair ready to be purchased for a reduced price.

What are the benefits to buying a certified pre-owned massage chair?

The first answer is savings. By purchasing a like-new, certified pre-owned massage chair, you get all the wellness benefits of premium massage experience at a fraction of the cost of a brand new chair.

Depending on the model, this could mean experiencing top-of-the-line features like 4D massage, body scan technology, chromotherapy, dual heat zones and more — all for much less then what you’d pay for a brand new massage chair.

Plus, when you purchase from The Best Buy on Massage Chairs you’ll also get our guarantee. We will extend the following warranties on all certified pre-owned massage chairs:

  • One year, for in-home parts & labor
  • Two years for parts
  • Up to five years for structural framework
  • These warranties are enhanced with free lifetime tech support from our nationwide service network of 100% U.S.-based technicians.

We also offer free standard shipping to your home, just to make things easy.

The Best Buy on Massage Chairs

We are an exclusive outlet for certified pre-owned massage chairs. As part of Infinite Creative Enterprises, our commitment to quality and innovative drive has earned us an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau and made us a trusted customer favorite for over a decade.

Whatever type of massage relief you’re looking for, you’ll find a pre-owned massage chair to meet your body’s needs.

Don’t wait—shop now.

Our collection of certified pre-owned massage chairs brings you state-of-the-art quality with amazing cost savings, and our available models tend to sell fast. Now that you know the difference between used and certified pre-owned, take a look for yourself at the premium deals awaiting you.

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